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Meet your Montana Wedding photographer

I am Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger. Thank you for visiting my wedding photography website and viewing my wedding artwork! It is an honor to be considered to be your wedding photographer. I specialize in dramatic, fine art wedding photography as epic as your love story! I am available for any wedding destination but I'm based in Billings, Montana. I'm originally from the flat lands of Nebraska. I guess that's why I love the mountains and mountain weddings. When I'm not creating beautiful wedding artwork I'm just a regular guy, skiing in Red Lodge, sampling the finer brews of Billings, and loving my beautiful wife and three dogs.

When it comes to photography I have two distinct inspirations that influence my wedding photography. The first is my Mom saving every penny to take us to have our portraits made every year or so. As a child I took it for granted, a nuisance even, but as a teenager I began to understand how much those photos meant to her and our family. Today I realize what a great privilege it was to have our portraits made, especially growing up poor. A portrait provides a sense of self worth, and that is extremely powerful. I didn't understand the power of the portrait until I began making portraits for families in need, and I saw the effect it has on those less fortunate, who do not take it for granted. Now when I see my portraits hanging in my Mom's home it gives me a great sense of pride and gratitude that although we didn't have much money growing up, we had something so much more valuable, and that was our family, our time together, and our sense of self worth. Thanks Mom!

Second, as I grew older and experienced more of the world, I became fascinated with natural beauty of the earth. It started with my beloved grandmother taking me to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo when she volunteered there after her day job as a surgical technician. My grandmother taught me my most important photographic skill: the ability to see beauty in everything. By the time I was around ten years old my Dad became a serious landscape photographer and he and I traveled around the country visiting almost every national park in the land. We always had our most exciting adventures in Big Sky country! My Dad had a big fancy camera, while I shot exclusively on disposable. But every now and then I'd make a photo that could rival pops, and I'll never forget seeing the first of my disposable camera photos printed 30 inches wide. It was unreal to me! I still get that same feeling every time I see my prints today and that's why it is so important for me to deliver printed artwork that helps resurrect those same emotions for my clients.

Today these two inspirations have created an artistic vision that carefully combines the natural beauty and drama of the landscape with the power and privilege of the portrait. The result is a dramatic fine art style and a finished printed product that is uniquely yours. How do you dream of being photographed?